OH Haii (:
: Cherity
: SoCal
: 18
: On my way to becoming a U.S Marine
: Good Vibes = Good Times
:Many eyes go through the meadow but few see the flowers in it
: Instagram = @ohhaiicherity


Things happen for the good and the bad. You just gotta figure out which one it was. & when you do who knows what has happened since the first time you thought about it. Things change.

I dont understand why I cant not get upset. I say I just won’t give a fuck but I give a lot of fucks. Seriously one of the most irritating things I have to live with.



I’m really just waiting for something good to happen to me. Everything is just so shitty right now I feel so stressed and anxious.

saaaaame. hope things get better for you dear <3

Thank you and for you as well love!

I dint get why I choose people who aren’t sensitive or caring to shit I care about. To shit I have emotions about and sometimes just need a fucking hug and a shoulder to wimper on.

This is the worst fucking feeling and you just can never help. I don’t want to feel unwanted trying to just get comfort at these kinds of times. I guess im wing thinking you care enough to want to ever know what’s wrong.